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Thoughtful Additions, LLC gracefully transitions the ordinary living room and dining area into a haven for pampering, akin to a Mary Kay Boutique, where faces are lovingly adorned with care.

Promo Event Decor-Local Femal Houston Rap Artist

Senior serve 2024
beach inspired

Corporate event-Casino cruise party theme

Event Portfolio: Event Portfolio

Gallery of Past Events

Balloon Installation: Tinsel  backdrop with balloon garland,3 tier stands,5ft balloon mosaic letter

AirBnB Birthday getaway

50th Fabulous Birthday (Gold and Teal Theme) with your event coordinator Belinda Jordan of Thoughtful Additions.

Mother's Day give away basket.

Gender Reveal (BEE THEME)
Which will it Bee?  He or She?

Event Portfolio

Book Foldings
Need a creative piece for your home office, your reading corner, or your home library? Get a custom piece that will intrigue your minds Intellect!!

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